Flexi Loans are the new way of borrowing funds in India, where you get access to a pre-approved loan limit based on your credit rating. Borrow funds whenever you need them and prepay when you have additional funds in hand. Also, pay interest only on the amount you utilize out of the borrowed amount, and get the option to pay just the interest amount as your EMI for first year.

Flexi Loans are available for salaried individuals, self-employed individuals, professionals and businessmen. Find out more about our Flexi Loans, what they have to offer and how you can benefit from them, here.

Overdraft (Flexi Loan)

Features and benefits

Only interest as EMI

Choose to pay only interest as EMI, which reduces EMI amount by up to 45%.

Free part-prepayment

Part-prepay your personal Loan whenever you have surplus funds, without any extra charge.

No multiple applications

Just withdraw money from your loan account and transfer it to your bank.

Online Transactions

Withdraw and part-prepay funds through the online customer portal, Experia.

Interest charged daily

Interest charged on a daily basis, as per amount utilized at the end of the day.

Multiple withdrawals

Multiple withdrawals, without any additional documentation or charges.

Overdraft (Flexi Loan)

Eligibility Criteria

For Salary Individuals

You should be between 25 to 55 years old

You should be a salaried employee of either an MNC, public, or private company.

You should be an Indian citizen.

Overdraft (Flexi Loan)

Why a Overdraft is better than a Personal Loan?

Loan Amount: 6 Lakh        Tenure : 4 years        ROI : 15 %

Personal Loan

Rs.23,790 EMI

285,480 Annual Cash Outflow

0 Annual Savings

Overdraft-Interest Only

Rs.7,500 EMI

90,000 Annual Cash Outflow

195,480 Annual Savings